Pre-Cut Paint Protection Film VS Hand Cut Paint Protection Film

If you are thinking to get paint protection film on your vehicle, You may be heard of the concept of pre-cut and hand-cut options. But your mind is stuck about which one is better for your car.

What to install Pre-Cut OR Hand Cut Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Pre-cut and hand-cut paint protection film patterns have their own pros and cons. A remarkable PPF installation with smooth results has a vital role when it comes to connecting with pre-cut and hand-cut ppf. There are few customers who ask for pre-cut. We are going to drag out some differences between both of them.


The Paint protection film is available on national and international databases, these have a quality design and provide exactly fitted for most of the latest models. You can also customize the pre-cut patterns for various car body kits, panels, shapes, and edges. Pre-cut eliminates the need for body panel removal and the unnecessary damage of cutting PPF on any vehicle. Pre-cut PPF stops at 0.22cm from the edge and this will help to stop lifting or peeling up.


The PPF is always shaped and trimmed directly on the vehicle, Therefore you have to choose a custom installation. Even so, Lack of skills experience, and time can cause some issues after hours. hand cut ppf requires extra time and work, so it has a high cost that you have to pay. For hand-cut PPF you have to remove the car’s panel, and you need a certified technician so you do not have to face the misalignment compared to factory fitted, most of the latest cars come with sophisticated electrical components.

Car Skin PRE-CUT

Don’t Settle for Anything Less than the Best. PPF Installations from Car Skin PRE-CUT. The cutting precision is controlled at about 0.22CM. TheCarSkin pre-cut system correctly aligns the edge of the car and works carefully so the manual cutting can prevent damage to the car body, and avoid the surface warping and deformation caused by the extreme stretching of the film. Stretching of the paint protection film is one of the biggest factors of the yellowing of ppf because it makes the fil thinner and extends the PPF pore, Thus it catches more dirt and damages the top coat.

We are also providing window films for your cars. With our prime software for window films, you will get the top quality window film.


TheCarSkin PRE-CUT Software is created to complement the Paint Protection film. The Main cause that Differentiates TheCarSkin precut program from the others is the standard of the design. At TheCarSkin, our prime design aims to allow the lay as naturally on cars as possible to avoid extreme stretch and make sure the alignment of body panels should be perfect.

  1. We are committed to providing designs that apply absolutely no unnecessary ridge. And if it happens our designers will do their best to hide it on the body line or some part of the panel that is hidden or way far from seen.
  2. Can remarkably decrease the difficulty of construction.
  3. No risk of installation,
  4. The process is Quicker it significantly reduces the installation time, which can save more than 30% of the time compared to the traditional installation method.
  5. The computer-cut film can preserve the film’s original naturalness, lower the risk of edge creation, decrease the risk of pulling-related damage to the film, and offer a balance between stretching and pushing the protective film.
  6. Improve the installation’s attractiveness and accuracy.
  7. In order to design and produce the most precise patterns, TheCarSkin software is built internally with considerable R&D and has its own data center. It can also be altered.

TheCarSkin team works regularly to create design templates for a new vehicle, These goods are readily accessible in the program as soon as they are finished by TheCarSkin team. No waiting for downloads or updates. Every pattern, both new and old, is instantly available in real time by using the software’s user-friendly search interface.